A mission statement

Welcome to my blog! Here I’m going to set out what I think it will be about, so you can decide whether to keep reading.

I intend to discuss some things that I think are important in the context of the practice of science (mostly vision science). This blog is going to concentrate on the stuff that doesn’t tend to make it into academic papers: things that I think are useful practices for doing science, day-to-day.

I’m going to write down a few things about the workflow I use and where I’m going with it. I am developing this workflow based on a few general guiding principles: primarily, I hope that the contents of my papers will be reproducible by almost anyone. That’s not true for papers I’ve published in the past. I’d need to spend a few days digging through poorly-documented data files and code to recreate some things, so I wouldn’t hold much hope for others. I think this state of affairs is both typical for the field and poor stewardship.

My early posts will lay the groundwork for what’s to come, in terms of the tools I use and why I use them. Later on, and in the majority, I intend the blog to be quite practical. I will post snippets of code that solve common problems I encounter in the hope that these might be of use to others.

I’d love to hear back from people about whether they find my suggestions useful or have better ideas.

P.S. A note about the ads: I’m not making money from this site. This blog is hosted by WordPress, and it costs money to have the ads removed. If there’s anything offensive on here, please let me know.