Sometimes it may need to share your Gmail password with someone for some special purpose and it is a matter of trust and you may hesitate sharing the same. Again if anyone using a common password for everything, then it’s just impossible to share with others.

There is an option in Gmail setting, that is Gmail’s delegates feature, where you can grant someone access to your account without giving your password and will not be able to chat with anyone on behalf of you. Any email sent by a delegate in Gmail, the delegate’s email address will come into view in the message as well. Granted person will be able to sign in to your account to read, delete and send mail on your behalf.

Delegates cannot change your Gmail settings or your Gmail password. User can add up to 10 delegates with their Gmail Account.

This is a very useful option in Gmail for allowing accesses to assistants to your email, or for having a single customer support email to be used by multiple employee.

Steps to add delegates in Gmail

Step1: Login to your Gmail account > Go to Settings > Accounts and Import.
Step2:  In “Grant access to your account”, click on “Add another account”.
Step3:  Choose “Mark conversation as read when opened by others”.
Step4:  When new window will be opened, enter the email address of the person you want to grant access to your Gmail account and then confirm.
Step5: An email with a link will be sent to delegates email and delegate must click within seven days of receiving the email, or else the offer will expire.

If granted delegate has accepted your request, then you may check it through your Gmail account setting from “Accounts and Import” section and you’ll see status of whether or not accepted next to the email address.

According to Google, it may take about 30 minutes after accepted by delegates to complete the process and once done the delegate can view and send emails on behalf of you.

You remove delegate email in Gmail too

If you think you do not need delegate anymore to access to your Gmail account, the follow below steps:

Step1: Go to Gmail Settings > Accounts and Import.
Step2: In “Grant access to your account” , click on Delete next to the email account you want to delete.